Weekly Events & Draws - Win money & help Club funds

Bonus Ball
£1 per week. Winner receives £50, all profits to charity funds
Some numbers still available


 Tote Numbers

Match 2 numbers, win the money in the Pot
Match all 3 numbers and win a bonus
of up to £500
Tote Draw every Friday evening 

After Sunday Bingo
Hi-Lo Card Game (£1 per ticket)
Open The Box (£1 per Ticket)
Meat Draw (5 tickets for £1)

During Tuesday Bingo
Bingo 90 - match the final number (£1 per ticket)
up to £85 prize money
Starburst Bingo Flier (£1 per game)
and Mini Starburst
call the house on your specified number
and win a big cash prize 
(at present £500 for main Starburst game -
must be current member to claim)